Are Your Breasts Dense?

High breast tissue density (a mammographic indicator of the amount of glandular tissue relative to fatty tissue in the breast) has been shown to be a strong independent risk factor for the development of breast cancer.


Women with a higher level of breast density have consistently been found to have a 4-6 fold increased risk of breast cancer compared to women with less dense breasts.


The use of mammogram to detect breast cancer is impaired because of dense breast tissues.


Women with dense breast tissue have less fat and more breast cells and connective tissue in their breasts.Because they have a greater proportion of breast cells, the risk of breast cancer is higher.


Statistics show that the Thermogram can be a useful test with mammography for diagnosing breast cancer in women with dense breasts.

Breast Density and the risk of Breast Cancer

According to the Journal of National Cancer Institute, the risk of breast cancer increases progressively with an increase in the percentage of breast density.



It is evident from the data analysis (Source: American Cancer Society) that the Relative Risk Score for Breast Cancer Risk is very much higher for Dense Breast Tissue than the other factors.