Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

Why Breast Cancer and Inflammation?

Inflammation has long been associated with the development of cancer. Epidemiological evidence and several scientific studies point to a connection between inflammation and a predisposition for the development of cancer.


As cancers grow, tissues change in many ways. Growing tumors may also degrade the cellular architecture of tissues and disrupt the ECM (extracellular matrix). All of these processes are likely to stimulate inflammation providing fuel to the tumor growth itself.


According to the various medical researchers conducted, when breast-cancer cells are exposed to inflammatory factors, the mutation rate of the cells increase dramatically resulting in inflammation induced cancers.


If genetic damage is the “match that lights the fire” of cancer, some types of inflammation may provide the “fuel that feeds the flames”.

Revolutionary Discovery to Prevent Inflammation

The molecular pathways of this cancer-related inflammation are now being unraveled; resulting in the identification of new target “Anti-Inflammatory “molecules that could lead to the prevention of breast cancer and treatment of malignant diseases.

What is Extracellular Matrix (ECM)?

ECM is the part of tissue that provides structural support to the cells, and performs important functions.Chronic Inflammation disrupts and destabilizes proper ECM structure and function in human tissues, such as breast tissues, leading to the onset and the aggravation of the disease in the organs.


ECM controls the life span of the cell. Hence, the stabilization of the ECM represents a defense against the onset and progression of breast cancer and other chronic diseases.