Why is Matrixcell Effective?

1. Synergistic Potent Formulation of MatrixcellTM with all Natural Ingredients

The current medical paradigm of just one “new to nature” molecule or “drug to block” one biologic cellular disruptor has been proven inadequate.


The use of multiple drugs has limited effectiveness because of toxicity. In addition, cancer cells have the ability to use different biological paths to evolve and grow and therefore substantially negating the therapeutic value of combined drugs.


MatrixcellTM on the other hand, has 5 classes of premium and exclusive nutraceutical compounds, unique in their ability collectively to prevent the destabilization of ECM. They are Stabilized Activated Catechins (SAC), Phyto-Isothicyanates Molecules (PIE), Curcumin C Complex (C3 Complex), Novel Resveratrol Polyphenols (NRP) and Boswellia Therapeutic Essential Oil (BTE).


Even though these potent and natural ingredients are known to have anti-inflammatory and effective qualities, these ingredients used independently will yield limited results unless they are synergistically formulated using unique technology and processes.


MatrixcellTM is adaptogenic and synergistically formulated using the Specific and Encapsulated Molecules of these Bioactive Plant Extracts to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness in breast cancer protection.

2. Technology of MatrixcellTM – TOMM (Transdermal Orthomolecular Mechanism)

Absorption is the key to effectiveness in the prevention of breast cancer.


The Franz’s Skin Testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of MatrixcellTM‘s deep penetration of its active ingredients into the ECM of the breast. The inherent vascularity of breast tissue also readily facilitates distribution of the active ingredients throughout the entire breast at therapeutically and prophylactically beneficial levels.


It is also proven that the absorption and permeation of multiple phytonutrients embedded in MatrixcellTM are beyond stratum corneum(outer layer of our skin) and the active release of these potent molecules happen simultaneously.


MatrixcellTM‘s formulation provides optimal phytonutrients release and deposition into the desired skin layer. The effectiveness of MATRIXCELLTM ‘s transdermal orthomolecular formulation is outstanding because of its ability to stabilize the ECM of human breast tissue.

3. Pharmaceutical Grade Quality

MatrixcellTM meets sterility, pyrogenicity, and general safety and or purity standards as required by the FDA Office of Biologics Standards while maintaining the integrity of the formulation.


MatrixcellTM is “Pharmaceutically Acceptable” (refers to molecular entities and compositions that preferably do not produce an allergic or similar untoward reaction when administered to humans).


MatrixcellTM is proven to be effective using clinical trials and capable of inhibiting multiple chronic inflammatory pathways with minimal side effects. Most importantly, MatrixcellTM promotes long term healing especially for joint and muscle pain.