Why MatrixcellTM?

MatrixcellTM is the only pharmaceutical grade Bio Modifying Cream that is available today which is able to “Stabilize Extracellular Matrix (ECM)” and to prevent chronic diseases and provide a deterrent to chronic inflammatory diseases.


It is a clinically advanced, pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical cream which supports healthy breast tissues for breast health protection.


MatrixcellTM has been scientifically proven to stabilize human breast ECM which can potentially

  • Prevent the development of cancer at the cellular level (inhibit cancer initiation)
  • Decrease tissue inflammation and prevent the growth of new tumor formation – angiogenesis, vasculogenesis.
  • Encapsulate and render the tumor dormant, preventing further growth and the spread of cancer to the other parts of the body (metastasis)
  • Reduce or neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular oxidative damage.